Schroll specialises in supplying explosion-proof and
flame-proof Cable Glands, Solid Plugs, Adaptors and Reducers produced to order in small and large runs.

Custom solutions

High skills at all levels. We take pride in helping our customers with their special tasks and problems.

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World-wide DAY TO DAY delivery!

We are able to provide day-to-day delivery on our items in stock

Small and large
batch sizes

Knowledge, experience and our new company structure ensures the most efficient and appropriate production flexibility on both series size and quality.

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Industrivej 17 · 5550 Langeskov · Denmark

Z Group consists of three companies, each with their own area of specialization.
Each company operates as an individual unit, but share experiences with each other.
This cooperation optimizes the production efficiency and reduces the cost for
our costumers – an advantage that has made us specialists in smaller production runs.

Our main work is production of special tools for the machining industry, where current standard solutions are not optimal. We solve in addition, a wide range of grinding applications, including manufacturing forms and threaded cores.

We cast and design plastic parts for all kinds of industries.
With our own mold and tooling department we ensure
the best advice, development and production of your plastic parts.

Schroll specialises in supplying explosion-proof cable glands produced to order in small runs.
Certified quality.
Schroll has been delivering quality for more than 50 years.